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Gear oil is a lubricant made to reduce friction and wear. It is used in automobiles, automatic transmissions, and other systems where gears are used. Gear oil can be found under the following trade names: gear oil, hypoid gear oil, and spindle oil.

Gear Oil 

It was originally developed for use in automobile manual transmissions, but today it is also used extensively in differentials of cars and trucks, bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, go-karts, and all types of industrial gearing such as conveyor belts, aerial ropeways, and wind turbines, where high strength oils such as 15W-40 or 20W-50 viscosity grades are required.

Different grades and types of gear oils 

Gear oil comes in various grades and types. For manual transmissions and other light-duty applications, a GL 1-4 type is used whereas for medium to heavy-duty transmission components such as hypoid gears and differentials, use GL5-6 or even an off-road application of GL 8-30. The higher the grade number, the thicker – and more viscous – the lube will be.

Application of gear oil

 The main applications of gear oils are as follows:

  1. Manual transmissions – light-duty (GL#1-4) and medium-duty (GL#5-6). Manual transmissions usually have a filler cap on top of the gear oil fill location where you pour whatever quantity you want into it, whereas GL #5-6 has an actual drain plug for draining off all the used up oil from your transmission.
  2. Differentials – for rear wheel drive vehicles with hypoid gears such as trucks and off-road equipment, use GL #8-30
  3. Conveyor Belts: These belts use gear oil to reduce friction and wear. They also reduce heat generation throughout bearings. Wind turbines: Gears in wind turbines transfer power from the blades to the generator with low friction and low noise compared to other machines like hydraulic pumps which require lube oils for operation.
  4. Roller Coasters: The roller coaster’s gears play an important role by transferring the torque from the motor to the roller coaster car. Also, these gears provide anti-friction so that riders can feel a smooth ride experience throughout their journey.
  5. Hydraulic Systems: Hydraulic systems need a special kind of gear oil called “hydraulic fluid”  which has special additives to avoid corrosion and oxidation.
  6. Gears in overhead traveling cranes, wind turbines, conveyor belts, roller coasters, etc. where the loads are heavy and shock loading occurs frequently

Usage of gear oil:

1) Gear Oil is used to reduce friction and wear.

2) It also reduces heat generation throughout bearings.

3) Nowadays companies like Shell focus more on providing different types of gear oils rather than ordinary ones.

 4) For manual transmissions you need GL1-4 type while for medium to heavy-duty transmission components such as hypoid gears and differentials you need GL5-6.

5) The main applications of gear oils are manual transmissions, differentials, common rail, and other high-pressure hydraulic systems.

Gear oil is a high viscosity lubricant usually made from petroleum consisting of additives such as anti-corrosive and rust inhibitors to protect gears from wear and tear. In India hydraulic systems, manual transmissions, differentials used in trucks, off-road equipment, etc. use gear oils for the proper functioning of cars under 10 lakhs or more .

Where can I buy the best quality gear oil online in India?

There are various sources both online and offline where you can buy the best quality and brands of gear oil in India. Ranging from shopping websites to branded floor shops, there are several options of gear oils for your cars. Carorbis is one of the best online shopping portals where you can get not only gear oil but also various car spare parts, interior, and exterior car accessories as well as car care products online. Carorbis has been serving its customers throughout the country with home delivery. So you need not run after offline stores or request the mechanics to get the best gear oils for your vehicle.

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